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Friday, May 24, 2013

Del Pueblo Mexican Restaurant - Grant Rd & Jones Rd

Del Pueblo is my current go to Mexican restaurant.  I have enjoyed several things from there over the years. 

Their margaritas are simply divine, and strong.  After having two you absolutely should not drive.  I will not even talk about how you feel after three.  They do not taste like other margaritas, they are way better.  They go down like water.  I am pretty sure there is no margarita mix involved these are homemade scrumptiousness.  Try one, and you will see.  It is as simple as that. 

Now to the food.  My favorite appetizer is the Stuffed Fried Avocados.  I like mine with beef.  I haven't tried the chicken, but I did have the shrimp one time.  It just did not do it for me.  The first time they brought it out it was cold in the middle, and the cheese was not melted.  The second time they brought it out I just was not feeling the flavor combination.  The beef version however is to die for.  Their fajita beef has a very good limey flavor to it.  These things are very filling.  I suggest if you decide to try one to share with the whole table by cutting it up into pieces and letting everyone get how much they want.  It is not an easily shared thing, but if you want to eat your dinner as well you may want to try.

The queso is really good too.  It has chunks of tomatoes, onions, and peppers in it.  This does not come from a can my friends!

I have ordered many different entrees.  My most common meal that I eat is the Fish Tacos.  I think I am addicted to the chipotle sauce they serve it with.  It is spicy and delicious.  My husband thinks it is crazy how much sauce I put on my tacos.  I pour some on it, and then I also dip it.  It's just that good.  They are served with three tacos heaping with fish.  They are also served with lettuce and tomato.  The only improvement to them I would suggest is to use cabbage instead of the lettuce.  It just gives a fish taco that crunch that becomes craveable.  I usually give my husband one of the three.  Due to the fact that they are very filling, and spicy things usually make you fuller anyway.  Call me crazy but I also take off some of the fish of the two tacos I am going to eat and put the excess fish on my husbands one taco.  I am a big ratio person, and it just seems like too much fish to me.  He really likes this situation. 

One of the other entrees I typically get is called the Botana Platter for one.  It is pure amazingness.  I am a big time variety person, and this dish has it all.  It comes with queso, nachos (the kind individually built on each chip), chicken flautas, and quesadillas.  It just hits the spot when you want a lot of different types of food.  It is actually an appetizer, but I order it as a meal. 

I really could go on and on about the food here, but for now I think this is enough.  Eat there you will agree with me I promise.  :o)  It is a busy place, because it is so good.  So, on Friday and Saturday nights be prepared to be patient.  They do have a nice outside area if the weather permits.  The only thing I do not care for out there is the chairs.  I prefer my back to be well supported and those chairs are like lounging chairs.  So if you are worse than me in your pickiness about back support you may want to choose a table on the inside. 

They do have a bar area where smoking is allowed for my smoking readers, and my anti-smoking readers, lol.  There is Karaoke on some of the nights.  I do not know the schedule, so you will have to research that on your own.  If you are being sat near it I would try to tell the hostess you would like to be a little bit further away, because it can get a tad loud.  I swear I heard the reincarnation of Sinatra singing there Monday night.  He has one of those voices that surprise you when it comes out of the person as well.  Shocked me a bit, but in a good way of course!

Well that's all about my most frequented Mexican restaurant.  I hope you guys give them a chance.  You will not be disappointed!

Del Pueblo's Website

Friday, May 17, 2013

Redfish Seafood Grill - Cypresswood Dr. & SH 249

Redfish is the most unassuming place you've ever seen from the outside.  It looks just like all the other fried seafood restaurants such as Captain Tom's and Blue Water Café, but on the inside it is a much different place.  The atmosphere of Redfish makes you want to dress nice. 

They serve sushi along with their other entrée options.  Personally I have only ever had their sushi.  I did go with a friend one time, and she ordered a seafood pasta dish that had different kinds of seafood in it, and I believe either a white wine sauce or an alfredo sauce.  She did not seem to enjoy it very much.  Everyone's tastes are different though, and that is why even if someone says they do not like something I never pass judgment until I try it myself.  Which on this day I did not.  I did enjoy their sushi, and like always it was very yummy. 

On a separate occasion I had sushi there with another friend of mine for a late birthday dinner.  She introduced me to seaweed salad.  This is not for me folks.  I would not necessarily say that it was bad or that it did not taste good, because my problem lies in the texture.  I ate it all, and I did not have trouble eating it.  I just would not call it my favorite.  When there is a choice for a ginger dressing salad I will choose that all day long.  It may be that my salad preference slot is already filled.  :o) 

The rolls we had on this occasion were the Crunchy Roll, my friend's personal favorite, and the White Tuna Roll.  I remember both being very scrumptious.  I did end up having wine with dinner and their house Riesling was very delightful.  We had the pleasure of meeting the owner.  She is a very nice lady.  I talked to her because this restaurant is one of my now ex-boss' (because of selling the company) favorite restaurants.  I had told him I was going there that evening, and he asked me to say hello for him.  He and his wife are actually painted on the wall upstairs with the many other caricatures of customers.  It if fun to walk around the room and see if you see anyone you know. 

I like Redfish a lot, and will continue to enjoy sushi there. 

The first visit's friend's food.  photo 20111216142259.jpg

And it appears that on the first visit I also got the Crunchy Roll. :o)  photo 20111216142313.jpg I apologize for the quality of the pictures.

Here is the caricature of my boss and his wife.  It really does look a lot like them! 
 photo 20110831171422.jpg

Redfish's Website

Friday, May 10, 2013

WAZA Japanese Cuisine - Houston, TX

WAZA is located at FM 1960 (Cypress Creek Parkway - What ever that is!  :op)  and Cutten Road.  I am very lucky that this place is right by my work.  I was very much disappointed when I went to Tenshi last time and it was not so good.  Now that I have found WAZA I do not see myself heading over to Tenshi again anytime soon! 

When you enter WAZA the atmosphere is very aesthetically pleasing.  You hear the sound of rushing water, and there is always a smiling face greeting you at the door.  I go for lunch when my co-worker is not at work for the day, which is not very often to be honest.  I have had the pleasure of meeting a friend there for lunch as well one time, and we took a table more inside the restaurant.  It was very nice.  I however usually enjoy sitting up at the sushi bar.  The sushi chefs there are nice, experienced, and value the relationship between chef and customer. 

I have tried many things at WAZA, but the current thing I enjoy ordering is their Daily Sushi Special which costs $11.  I get a water, and it comes with a soup or salad so for an on occasion lunch it is not too bad.  The special is all chef's choice (which is why you want to make friends with the sushi chefs!).  It comes with 4 pieces of sushi, one roll, and one hand roll. 

I would like to take the time to impart some knowledge about hand rolls for a moment.  I did not know this, because until someone tells you.. how can you?  Basically for future reference a hand roll is to be eaten similarly to a taco, seaweed wrap and all.  They are very yummy, and to me almost like a present.  You are always pleasantly surprised by what is inside! 

Some of the other rolls I have had at WAZA are Fahrenheit 212, WAZA Maki, and I have had others but they were written on the board and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of them.  I will do better in the future I promise! 

If I were to recommend a sushi place on the North side it would be WAZA all day long.  My brother-in-law just texted me a few weeks ago, and asked me the same question.  WAZA was my first suggestion, and I suggested two others after that.  He ended up at WAZA and texted me later that it was very delicious.  Then he texted, "Who needs yelp when I have you."  Way to make a food blogging girls heart sing brother o' mine!  :o)

I hope you try this place, because I do not want to be writing a super sad blog about how they closed due to lack of business.  So... GO THERE AND EAT ALREADY!  :oD

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P. S. - The WAZA Maki has been my favorite roll thus far.

WAZA's Website