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Monday, June 25, 2012

Roving Eater's Report: Barney's Country Store - Huntsville, TX

My husband and I went off roading with his father and his girlfriend this weekend for a late Father's Day celebration.  We had a wonderful time and had the best hamburger at a place called Barney's Country store. 

This place is located at the intersection of FM 1696 and Highway 75.  If you don't see it then go a little more south and it will be on your left in a red steel building because FM 1696 does a jog. 

This hamburger is just plain done right.  The bun is a sweet Hawaiian extra large roll.  The patties are 3/4lb and seasoned to perfection.  When they throw a row of burgers on the grill the garlic fills the air.  The vegetables were fresh and crisp.

We went and bought two to share with our guys for a type of brunch, and ended up going back and having our own for dinner.  (My father-in-law and his girlfriend did share one again.)  

They were so good we could not get through eating them without saying so for at least ten times.  They even warranted a few comments after they were gone

The atmosphere is definitely country store.  If you happen to find yourself in Huntsville it would be worth a stop.