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Friday, February 18, 2011

Culinary Lunch Adventure - Lenny's Sub Shop

Tried Lenny's Sub Shop off of Louetta today... Again I couldn't stear away from that French Dip I love so much! The reason why I didn't care for it was because it didn't seem to have much flavor in the meat and the au jus, and honestly it seemed to have a slimy quality to the meat.  I really liked the cheese and the bread on it tho! *shrugs... one of my friends says she has had their Chicken Salad there and it is good, so take it for what it's worth my friends :o)

Lenny's Website

New Place Report - Rancho Real

So my husband and I were feeling a little adventuresome last night and tried a new mexican restaurant we've never been to before. It was called Rancho Real and it is on the feeder of 249 in between Cypresswood and Grant when heading South.

Well.... the first thing I can say is that the sauces were tasty. Their green sauce and red sauces were both very flavorful, but I will warn you they are sneak-um-up-on-ya hot. We of course had to get margaritas. The margaritas were very fresh tasting they use a good mix, but they were definitely lacking in the tequila department... :o/

Well we then ordered the Tototlan Fajitas. We were very dissappointed in the amount of meat that was served for a (2) people helping. The veggies were good. The beans were as well good. They gave what I guess I'll call an avacado salad which was odd. It seemed as if they put so much lime juice on there to protect the avacado from going bad you couldn't even taste the flavor of the avacado. I would say that the wait staff was very attentive.

So overall for what we paid versus what we received I do not think we will be returning there anytime soon....

Rancho Real on B4-U-EAT's Website

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's an experiment everyone can do, and how I try to find restaurants. And maybe you do this already.. that's cool too, but in case you don't. Go to Google... Type in either Houston, TX or a more specific area, and then take what you had typed out of the bar and replace it with the word restaurants. It will pop up a million red dots, and you merely have to scroll over them and they will tell you what they are. Let me know if you guys come across anything interesting.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Started Palate Adventurers!!

I started a group today on FaceBook.  Here's the description to the group:

"Here’s the deal. I want to try new restaurants!!! So I wanted to start a club for people who love to eat at new restaurants and try new foods. To make it all feasible I thought that it would be good to try a new restaurant every three months or once a quarter. As well I was thinking so we could accommodate a lot of people in this club the dates for our excursions would have to be finite. If you couldn’t make that particular gathering you could try and make the next one, due to the fact it is too hard to try to fit a gathering into every member’s life. We definitely would have to have an RSVP end date/time due to the fact if our groups do get big we can call and reserve a/some table/tables there.  I just want to go out and enjoy some new and different foods. It seems that the first quarter of 2011 is super busy so I’m thinking that we will start in the second quarter. Let’s start throwing out some ideas. Where have you never been, but have always wanted to try?!?"

Palate Adventurers FaceBook Group