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Friday, June 28, 2013

Santa Fe Flats NewMex Grille - Jones Road & 249

If you want a flavor you may have never had before.  You should definitely try Santa Fe Flat's!  It is a nice change from our typical tex-mex food.  It is a New Mexican establishment.  It is located in front of the Home Depot on the North bound feeder of 249 just before Jones Rd.

The flavors they incorporate in their food are robust.  They use a lot of chiles.  Of the red and green varieties.  These wonderful spices dance across your tongue with sensations of an earthiness as old as the world itself. Of course I had to try the Monterey Chicken.  It was just as I said above and also really cheesy, yummy, and good!

My husband tried their regular tacos with a hard shell and was surprised that they actually came in a hard shell cup versus the typical taco shape we are used to.  Another trip he ordered the fajitas and told me he did not really see enough of a difference to pay the little but higher price.

Their queso is unlike any other.  It had so many levels of flavor.  I really liked it a lot, and had a hard time figuring out what exactly the flavor was that I was enjoying so much.

They also have a salsa bar with many different salsas for you to try.  I have not made my way over there, but I will next time so I can update this for you guys.  :o)

We have always had good, attentive service.   They are slightly pricier than your typical Mexican restaurant, but in my opinion it is worth the extra money for the change of pace.

I would recommend enjoying their food, and taking a trip to New Mexico right in you backyard.

Santa Fe Flat's Website

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