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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hanks Cajun Grill

A good friend of mine took me to Hanks Cajun Grill.  She said that it is her favorite place to get crawfish, and not only when in season, but all year long.

It was me, my friend, and my husband and we set off on a dreary Sunday afternoon headed to put in our bellies some delicious cajun food.  Hank's is located off of Highway 6 near Clay Road.

First I ordered a few boudin balls, and they hit the spot for my constant boudin craving.  The breading was tasty; the only thing I felt was lacking was in the spice department.  They were served with ranch a simple sprinkle of cajun seasoning in it would have solved the issue.  The crawfish I ordered tasted so good, but I would have ordered the medium spice, because I do enjoy a bit more burn.  My friend had scared me into ordering the mild, because she said that sometimes the mild is even pretty spicy.  Luckily I got to polish off my husband's rest of his medium spice.  My husband also ordered garlic on his, and I am really thinking that is the way to go.

If you order two pounds you should be good, but if you usually put away a lot of crawfish like my friend she ordered four pounds and ate every last bit of it.  She also ordered the Mardi Gras Oysters and let me have one.  Heaven on a half shell I tell ya!

My husband also ordered some fried crab claws, which were yummy, I would like to tried the grilled version. After we had put back a decent amount of crawfish my husband ordered some fried aligator which was pretty good too.  It kind of reminded me of chicken fried steak to be honest, maybe a bit chewier.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Hank's and will return often.

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