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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roving Eater's Report - Elephant Bar Restaurant - Peoria, AZ

I recently was blessed enough to be able to go visit my family in Arizona for Thanksgiving.  I flew in on Monday and left on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  There I found myself on Friday feeling like the only thing I regretted was that I had not had a chance to eat out at any restaurants while I was there. 

The plan for Friday was my niece was going to pick me up and we were going to my step-brother’s house to hang out until I had to head to the airport.  My niece had been up all night doing the early black Friday shopping so she was running behind.  We also had not eaten lunch and were running out of time.  My step-brother suggested we just meet for lunch and then head to the airport to fly out.  My regret had been absolved!

We all met up at one of his favorite restaurants the Elephant Bar Restaurant.  They were already seated when my niece and I arrived.  They ordered us the global sampler appetizer which encompassed Niu, Niu Coconut Fried Shrimp Skewers, Fried Chicken Tenders, Bruschetta, and Warm & Spicy Artichoke Dip.  It was served with two different sauces one being a more glazed, sweet sauce, and the other being more of a creamy, savory sauce. 

After trying each piece of the appetizer I went to the task of deciding what I wanted for lunch.  Their menu is huge!  I would suggest possibly looking online before you go to give yourself more time to prepare on deciding what you would like to try.  Upon gazing mesmerized at the menu I noticed that on the lunch menu they had fish and chips and they made it with Mahi Mahi!  My favorite fish!  It was called the Macadamia Nut Crusted Fish & Chips.  Typically you see fish and chips made with Cod.  My step-brother even asked me what kind of fish it was and was surprised when I told him.  I also had an amazing margarita, which was just their house margarita. 

The restaurant had a worldly feel to it.  With art pieces that made me feel as if I was in Africa. 

The waitress we had was extremely nice.  My sister-in-law asked that her Ahi Tuna be a little bit more done than they would typically prepare it. Even though the waitress did not seem optimistic about being able to take care of her request; she was able to sweet talk the chef, and delivered the food as requested. 

I do have to report that the crunchiness on all these fried items was just amazing.  I know I have never had Panko Japanese bread crumbs before, and of course I cannot tell you if these were those.  If they were not I would like to find out what they were, because the crunch on these things rivaled no other! 

Regretfully our lunch was cut shorter than we would have liked due to the fact that the time for my flight was fast approaching.  We all hugged and kissed goodbye and spoke about hopes of seeing each other sooner than the last time.  Six years is just too long.  I feel as if I ended my trip on a high note.  Well a high note in my world, because as we all know food is the highlight of my life! 

I would definitely stop into an Elephant Bar Restaurant again if I am traveling and need some world cuisine. 

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