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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Place Report - Tombolini's Worlds Greatest Meatballs

As you may or may not know my husband and I recently bought a house off of Louetta Road. For a little while now we had been saying that we were going to try this little place one light up from our street, and before we could we realized that the place had been closed.

The spa right next door is where I get my eyebrows done, and the Vietnamese lady that does nails there told me that the food at that place hadn't been good for a while. She also mentioned that there were already new owners and they had said their food would be better.

Well my friends obviously I cannot compare Tombolini's to what was there before, but I can tell you that it was the best meatball I have ever eaten in my life! Upon entering you are welcomed by bright red and yellow fluid and current shapes. The menu is very basic, which I like because it's really hard to mess up!

You pick your type of meatball of which they have 8 different ones to choose from. Then you choose how you would like to eat your meatballs. Whether it be by themselves or perhaps on pasta or your third choice on a sandwich. And of course you have your choice of what type of pasta or what type of bread. That's it! Simple and delicious.

The one thing I would say that they could improve upon would be the staff. I was there on a Sunday so I'm sure there might be a bit better suited staff on the busier days, but the gentleman that helped us was a little over friendly. Sometimes, especially when food is really tasty, you would like it to be just you and your food with no interruptions. However they were friendly and attentive so at least they were not rude. I did happen to see one of the chefs with a drink drinking in front of customer view which is a no no, but it didn't seem to be unsanitary.

I ordered the Italian meatballs with spaghetti and the sauce that starts with a "V". I know I'm slipping here people, but they don't have a website and I forgot to grab a Togo menu. :o( I apologize. Mine was very delicious.

I also had to try a bite of Greg's sandwich. He got the Texas meatballs with the sauce that would be a marinara and barbeque sauce. It was so good. The meatball had brisket in it! Yummy! I would definitely eat there again!! :o)

05/27/11 - Update!!  They now have a website!!  So I can fill in some holes!  So I had the Italiano meatballs with the Arrabiata sauce over spaghetti, and my husband had The Texan meatballs with the Texas Rossa sauce on ciabatta bread.  He did say later however he wished he would have paid more attention to his bread choices.  He said it would have been better on the Italian baguette.

Tombolini's Website


  1. Hi there! This is Jesse from Tombolini's! I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed the food. That is always a great thing to hear about our restaurant. I apologize that you were disturbed while eating but it is very important to us that we know that all of our customers are satisfied!

    I really hope to see you in Tombolini's again and i'm glad you took the time to write about us!
    Jesse,Leo, and the rest of the Tombolini's staff!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment! :o)