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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Place Report - Sassafras Seafood Kitchen

I finally made my way over to a place a friend has been telling me about for a while now.  It's called Sassafras Seafood Kitchen at Jones Rd. & Cypress N. Houston Dr.. 

When you walk in it is set up like a McAllister’s; the tables are on either side of the restaurant and the walkway down the middle leads you up to the counter.  It didn't take me long to decide exactly what I wanted, because I love Cajun food and I know where my niche is. 

A lot of people love them some gumbo, and I've always thought it was too wet of a dish for me.  Other people enjoy jambalaya, and in my opinion it is just too dry.  So where do I fall ladies and gentlemen?!?!  That's right I'm an etouffee girl!~ 

I ordered some Boudin Balls (personal favorite) as an appetizer and Crawfish Etouffee as my lunch entree.  I thought it was kind of cool that they had two sizes to choose from, but there would be no way I would be able to finish the larger portion(I had leftovers of the smaller portion!!).  We took our number, made our drinks at the drink station, and seated ourselves at a booth. 

It wasn't too long maybe about five to ten minutes and our food started to arrive.  I would have liked a little bit more time between my balls and my entree, but oh well.  The boudin balls come with about six or eight balls sat upon a large pile of french fries served with ketchup and my favorite Cajun mustard.  The only way I can explain Cajun mustard would be to say that spicy deli mustard and honey mustard came together and decided to have a family.  Their child would be Cajun mustard.  You can see the mustard seeds, but you can really taste the sweetness in the honey.  The boudin balls were very tasty.  I enjoyed the flavor of the boudin and of the breading. 

The star of this show had to be the Crawfish Etouffee.  As soon as she set the plate down I made a few mental notes to myself.  Color check: good.  Bread to eat it with: Check.  Enough Rice:  Check.  We are good to go.  Then I commenced my normal routine.  I mix the sauce with the rice not entirely, but little by little till I get my perfect consistency.  I may have dirty rice left over, but that's okay with me.  I ate the first few bites on the bread, and very shortly realized that it wasn't going to carry me through the whole meal.  **Side Note:  I'm one of those people that the etouffee (soups, chili’s, gumbos, etc.) has to be eaten on either toasted bread or crackers... Not one bite may pass these lips without a double starch situation going on.  I went up to the counter to rectify the situation, and those good Cajun people had a stack of crackers right by the register.  Bless you Cajun people. 

The etouffee was so good!  It was better than any of the etouffees I have had in a while.  I used to eat it at Joe's Crab Shack and then they really kind of took it away from me.  Instead of having it on the menu by itself, they made it a Crawfish pair with both etouffee and fried crawfish.  This makes me sad.  I would love to know from my readers (if I have any) where the best place to get Crawfish Etouffee is..?  My brother says that Mambo Seafood has the best gumbo just an fyi for y'alls brains. 

My friend I ate with on this day says that Sassafras has one of the best gumbos she's had at a restaurant.  You can truly tell they use real rue, and as well with the etouffee.  It's surprising how many times I've ordered etouffee and just sent it right back, because it was ORANGE.  It isn't supposed to be orange people... It should be a brownish color like gumbo.  Again just for your future knowledge.  Okay I think I've rambled enough about Cajun food in general.  Sassafras was very yummy, and I will go back!

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