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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tenshi - Update

A friend and I went back to Tenshi the other day, and I have to tell you my return visit was not so good. 

The biggest affront would have to be the fact that the sushi was not very cold.  Which we all know raises many concerns. 

This time I sat at the bar in front of where the sushi was being made, and soon wish I hadn't.  

The sushi chefs were probably in there early twenties.  One seemed to take his job with the seriousness required but the other was loud and spoke about marijuana and partying with a friend also sitting at the bar.  Another of the patrons was loud in his manner of speaking in hopes to get everyone to look at him. 

I noticed the probable cause of the not to temperature sushi.  The area where the sushi was being kept colds doors were constantly being left wide open.  I do not believe i saw them shut the doors one time. 

I think until I hear by word of mouth that things have changed I will not be returning. 

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