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Monday, October 24, 2011

Usual Spots Report - Locatelli's Pizza

Locatelli’s Pizza is a pick up and dine in only pizza shop.  The thing that makes you want to choose them over their delivery brethren is the fact that they use only the freshest ingredients.  As well as the fact that they have a perfect crust living happily between a hand tossed and a thin. 

The restaurant is located in that same gem of a shopping center as Mezzanote Ristorante at Louetta and Grant road. 

Now let’s get back to those ingredients.  My husband never fails to get heart burn on pizza night.  We typically order our pizza light sauce to lessen the burn for him later.  With Locatelli’s we have found that on those nights when we forget to say our special request; my husband has admitted theirs does not create the furnace inside him as bad as the others tend to. 

They also support the local community by hiring high school kids. 

I have ordered their salads and was not disappointed in their continued quality and freshness of their ingredients. 

The one area that I personally cannot give the highest marks would be in the dessert department.  I applaud their efforts to bring some unique desserts, but with poor execution no idea is going to be a great one.  The ones that I have tried include their Stick in the Mud, S.O.S., and their Powdered Pizza Skin.  I have always taken these back to my home to enjoy, so I do not know if they may be better had in the restaurant. 

Overall I immensely enjoy Locatelli’s Pizza, and am very glad my boss recommended them when I moved into the area. 

Locatelli's Pizza's Website 


  1. Finally! Now I want some pizza!!!!! =)

  2. I know I took forever to write this one! :o)