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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Place Report - The Bake Shoppe

My boss has been going to this place for years and had talked about it a lot.  Also my co-worker went there one time with our boss and she said it was good as well.  Well I have some bad news for you folks you missed it, and so did I.  The people who had owned it for fourteen years sold in 2009 to a new owner.

Not knowing this I finally went there the other night, because I was just bored of the same old fast food, and trying to find something on the healthier side to eat.  I walked in and the decor is not exactly what I was expecting... I felt like I had walked into a little girl fashion boutique.  Trust me I feel horrible about the things that I'm going to tell you here, because I genuinely want every restaurant I eat at to have phenomenal food, but that is not always the case. 

I ordered food to go for my husband and I.  For him I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, and for myself the Chef Salad.  When I got home and opened my salad not only did some of the lettuce have black edges on it some pieces also had that slimy texture to it that informs you that you should not eat it or you will be having a bad salad experience.  (I've had a bad salad once, and hope I never have to go through that again.)  The meat they included was very good, and I thought I was supposed to get some boiled egg, but strangely it was missing.  I went through the salad and out of a whole to go box stuffed with salad I only had the amount that would be two of my fists together.  I paid just under ten dollars for this salad.  You can imagine my disappointment. 

As far as my husband's food he said that the pulled pork did not blow him away, but the bread was good.  His little salad was as pitiful as mine was, and he was downtrodden that they had set his cookie on top of the salad with no protection that it became soggy and inedible. 

I would have to say from this visit I will not be stopping into The Bake Shoppe again anytime soon.  The only thing I can say in their defense would be that they seem to specialize more in casserole dishes, alas that is not what we ordered.

The Bake Shoppe's Website

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