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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Usual Spots Report - Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

On this day I was able to meet up with some friends of mine from England.  Well just to clarify my friend is from here, but her husband and her son are from there.  She was really wanting some gumbo, and who can blame her?!?  I'd miss the food here too if I moved to a different country. 

While perusing the menu they had decided to get frog's legs as an appetizer.  I have never had the pleasure to try these before.  I was very excited to do so.  So after a little bit of a wait here they come sitting (hehe) all pretty on the plate five frog's legs.  They were served with a buttery sauce, some slices of garlic bread, and I'm not sure if they came from the sauce, but there were some stewed tomatos as well in the mix. 

I have to say I've heard people say that frog's legs taste like chicken, but you often hear that everything different tastes like chicken!  In my opinion if I had to relate them to something I would have to say they tasted more like fish; almost with a firmer fish texture like say a Mahi Mahi (my favorite fish by the way). 

The butter sauce they cooked/served it in is really what made the dish(per my friend's husband).  We dipped the bread slices in the sauce with some of those stewed tomatos to polish it off.  It was very yummy, and now I can proudly say I have tried frog's legs and they are not scary they are actually tasty!

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  1. As said friends husband i can only confirm just how tasty those frog legs were. Im a chef used to cooking and eating really nice and often exotic foods but these took me by surprise, i've eaten them before in France many years ago but they failed to impress back then. This time around they were a delight, i dont often rave about food but they were honestly the tastiest thing ive eaten in a very long time. pappadauex's hit it on the money with me, im a huge lover of fish and seafood and only wish i could have tried most of the menu. it's a shame we had a dopey waiter though...he was from the UK too so thats probably why lol.